Jennifer Brewin

"It's not about what you are doing right now it's about what you can do the next time and the time after that."

Jennifer Brewin instructs the following:
  • Tread on the mill

  • Treadfecta
  • Treadfecta: A combination of HIIT & Tabata Training.  Being mindful of both your cardiovascular & muscular make-up.  Working your body, strengthening your core & challenging your mind, all to the beat of the music.

  • Tread Press
  • Tread Press (signature muscle class): Work with resistance, weights & heart pumping cardio moves. Focus on building your strength while learning how to strengthen your core and mind. Find your path to a healthier you.

  • Tread Bell
  • Kettlebell training is different than other form of weight training being taught at Tread. Many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously, and in addition kettlebell training elevates the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training. You will use your upper body & lower body while working your core the entire time!

  • Tread & Shred
  • We ride together to the beat and we allow the music to envelop us. To push this to the next level we are creating a series called TreadLive. We have teamed up with the incredibly talented and renown Boston artist Chad Lamarsh to bring live guitar into the experience. We will be experimenting with different ways to bring in live music.