On the Mill

Tread on the Mill will challenge your body in innovative ways. Every 5-15 minutes you will transition between cardio intervals on the treadmill and strength training routines on the floor. You will efficiently strengthen all muscle groups, maximize calorie burn and increase endurance. We work together to the beat of the music… contagious motivation. (Reminder: No street shoes allowed in the studio)


Ride as one to the beat of the music and take the time to feel the experience. Our trainers and fellow cyclists will motivate you to pedal hard while building strength and endurance. Pedal your path and change the way you feel in a 45-minute cycle class.

Tread Lightly

Come learn the basics of indoor cycling… proper form, set-up, and riding to beat! This class welcomes all fitness levels and cycling experience. This friendly environment will teach you the most common cues and cadence you are likely to experience in our signature class.
We are proud to have a diverse community of varying abilities and ages and this class will provide a solid foundation and workout whether your goal is to make Tread Lightly a lasting part of your exercise journey or to one day lead the class.

Tread & Shred

We combine the best of cycling and upper body strength training in this combo class in the spin room. We have elements of our signature beat class but with more weight songs to get strength training in one workout and all to the beat of the music.


Work with resistance, weights & heart pumping cardio moves. Focus on building your strength while learning how to strengthen your core and mind. Find your path to a healthier you.

Tread Express

Get a full-body workout that fits into your schedule with these 30 minute classes. Small group classes allow the trainer to give more personalized instruction without missing a beat.


Treadfecta: A combination of HIIT & Tabata Training. Being mindful of both your cardiovascular & muscular make-up. Working your body, strengthening your core & challenging your mind, all to the beat of the music.

Tread Box

A high intensity, upbeat and motivating cardiovascular 45 minute class. Moving your body to the beat of the music while punching, kicking and tightening your core. A full body workout!


We ride together to the beat and we allow the music to envelop us. To push this to the next level we are creating a series called TreadLive. We have teamed up with the incredibly talented and renown Boston artist Chad Lamarsh to bring live guitar into the experience. We will be experimenting with different ways to bring in live music.

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